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Sales DX 

Orange Tech Lab provides DX sales support services as part of management consulting.

What is important in Sales DX is not just process digitization and AI automation, but also reviewing the overall sales process, improving it to the optimal sales process for your company, and digitizing it as needed. We will clarify the improvement points and provide necessary digitization support.

About sales DX

"Converting sales to DX" means converting sales to DX at all levels including top management, sales, R & D, customer support, procurement purchasing, and delivery, and the entire company participates in customer relationship management. We think that we are aiming for CX company transformation.

The company will change as the customer contact points of each department become sales DX.



* The contents of top sales are shared with the company


Research and Development

* Bring in a customer perspective



* Procurement sources will become sales information as stakeholders.


Customer support

* From daily support, become a partner that leads your business to success, become a "customer success partner", and eventually become a front end as a sales person.

An example of sales DX

Review of sales activities
Review of sales information
Analyzing and improving sales processes
Operation and retention support

1. Inventory of current sales activities

Utilizing the UX design method, we analyze the current sales process and propose improvement measures.

2. Inventory of sales information and data

Visualize the information stored by each business.
The information that each business has may be closed within each. In such cases, we will take inventory of sales information and customer data and share them.

2-1. Inventory, digitization, and sharing of business card bundles

It is said that sales are first-class if you have 3000 exchange business cards by yourself.  This service supports the construction of a customer database that is the basis for customer management through the digitization of paper business cards. You can also organize a list of personal connections through SNS such as LinkedIn and Facebook in the same way.


2-2. Analysis of customer inflow from the Web and homepage

The UX design method helps customers analyze and improve their customer journeys on their homepage.

3. Analysis and improvement of sales process

There are various styles of customer sales.

First of all, we will analyze your company's sales style and inventory of methods using the UX design method, and propose improvement measures.

From among them, we will identify what should be converted to DX and implement a system proposal. Support for the introduction of CRM systems is one of them.

3-1. Identifying the business style and what it should be

・ Route sales centered on existing customers

・ New projects from existing customers

・ How to acquire new customers

・ Top sales (CxO) style

・ Channel sales

・ Web marketing

We will analyze your company's unique style and characteristics and present improvement plans.


3-2. Introduction of CRM cloud system

Through the introduction of the sales pipeline that is used as standard in the CRM system, we will implement customization for improving the sales process and integrating the sales process that your company is particular about.

4. Improvement, operation and retention support

One of the issues with DX conversion is that it is quite difficult to establish operations. Simply systematizing it will only make it difficult for employees to bear the burden and manage managers. It is often used in systems, which increases the effort of each person's input and may result in it becoming obsolete.

At our company, we will implement DX conversion so that the burden will be as light as possible, and we will support introduction, improvement, and fixation while running alongside. Once the system shifts to fixed operation, sales information can be shared and analyzed company-wide and sales forecasts can be made, increasing the possibility of increasing sales and profits.

5. Analysis / forecast using AI

In addition to normal trend analysis, we support trend analysis and forecasting of sales operations using AI.

* We recommend steps 1 to 5 for analysis and prediction using AI, but if you wish, you can consult with us even before.

* OTL also provides construction DX support services, personnel DX support services, etc. for each type of business.

What is CRM ?

CRM is an abbreviation for Customer Relationship Management and is called "Customer Relationship Management / Customer Relationship Management System".

It is a system that manages relationships and communication with customers and enables them to centrally understand the relationships between their employees and customers.

You can check contacts and transaction history, exchange by email and SNS, manage tasks, check the status of negotiations, etc. in one application. In addition, by unifying such information, related employees can share the same data and prevent complicated troubles and information misunderstandings, which can be utilized not only for improving sales activities but also for services, marketing, management strategy, etc. It will be possible to go.

CRM can be said to be a platform for sales activities that centrally manages all types of information centered on customers.

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