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Orange Tech Lab


We propose optimal business improvement methods using the latest technologies such as AI [Deep Learning / Machine learning], BPR / RPA, and IoT Systems , and realize everything from consulting to design and implementation.

In consulting, we provide a wide range of services, including intellectual property strategies, to solve corporate issues related to systems and humans.

We are also focusing on AI education and corporate training at universities.

Currently, there are 10 (Ph.D) and 1 (Ph.D candidates) in Orange Tech Lab, and they also specialize in various fields such as active engineers, data scientists, and UX design. More than 40 people from the house are participating. (August 2020)


Three initiatives



Innovation in multiple fields centered on AI

Using the latest AI (Deep Learning / Machine Learning) technology, we are working on innovation in various fields such as BPR / RPA, medical / nursing care, transportation engineering, security marketing, and hardware.



UX-based solution design that can be used in the field

Based on a human-centered user experience design, we are working on each project so that we can provide information and technology that suits the site.



Partnership and Globalization

We value partnerships with companies that are experts in various fields, including overseas, and are proceeding with research and development in specialized fields.




Technology management



Orange Tech Lab will clarify the evaluation and purpose based on the knowledge guided by experience and achievements, and propose the optimum improvement method using the latest technology such as AI (deep learning), BPR / RPA, IOT.


・ AI (especially deep learning) / IoT system
・ AI Solution Consulting
・ Technology management / commercialization / intellectual property strategy

・ UX design

Focusing on AI / IoT

System design-implementation


We will innovate in multiple fields centered on AI IoT.
We will form a team of experienced experts for each project to realize analysis, design, and implementation.

・ Process by deep learning ・ Automation support ・ Image recognition ・ IoT system

Education / Recruiting


The AI ​​field where technology is evolving day by day. The importance of education is required to increase competitiveness in the world. At Orange Tech Lab, experienced and experienced professors give lectures to universities, companies, and the general public.

・ Performance / Lecture ・ Customized AI introductory course ・ Entrepreneur course ・ Recruiting with Rana.a

Organizational transformation solution


We provide organizational transformation solutions for companies considering AI business development and DX business development.

・ Matching with overseas startups ・ Consulting to support the establishment of an organization in the AI ​​and DX New Business Development Department

I will respond to such thoughts

Incorporate into business
Can't you
Interested in AI
Use AI to tackle existing challenges
Can't solve it
Achievements together
Can you create it?
Once with AI
Challenges that didn't work
Can't solve it
AI / DX Business Considering Development
Lectures and lectures
I want to ask

Please feel free to contact us.

Talking with people in various fields starting from inquiries is extremely valuable.
We value all dialogue.


Flow from inquiry

"I'm interested in AI" "Can I incorporate it into my work?"
"Can we create results together?" "I want to request lectures and lectures."
Please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

We would like to ask you about the situation, hopes, interests, etc.
We will explain about our technology and what we can cooperate with.


Clarify evaluation / purpose, AI (deep learning), BPR / RPA, IOT, etc.
We will propose the optimum improvement method using the latest technology.


Form a team of experienced experts to analyze, design, and implement
I will realize it.

Analysis / design / implementation

We will realize innovation in multiple fields centered on AI.
In addition, we will collaborate with our partners who have specialized skills to create results.
I will aim.

Achievement creation

Contact form

Contact Us


We welcome your inquiries regarding our company, AI technology, research and development, business achievements, human resource development and performances.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always looking for partners and internships.

株式会社オレンジテクラボ 本社
〒100-0005 東京都千代田区丸の内1-8-3

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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