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Overseas Startups

Matching overseas startups with Japanese companies

Orange Tech Lab has been supporting "overseas companies expanding into Japan" as one of their businesses.

Furthermore , as I worked as a mentor for the 2020 Startupbootcamp scale Osaka, and because the number of connections with overseas has increased dramatically in other areas as well, I would like to introduce overseas startups to companies that need them. It is now possible to do so.

There are hundreds of overseas startups that we can reach, including Europe, the United States, India, and Vietnam.


While seeking to convert their own AI and DX, funding for overseas AI-related startups, M & A, etc. are one solution from the viewpoint of minimizing the start-up time and buying time with money. I can think of it.


We will introduce and match related overseas startups according to your desired area.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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In recent years, we have been mentoring startup pitches, including overseas.

Among them, we will introduce overseas startups that are particularly eye-catching and shining in the future.


Since our core technology is artificial intelligence (deep learning), we are deepening collaboration with overseas startups that can be expected to have synergistic effects by combining with that solution.


In particular, it will be a group of startups with technologies such as robotics, construction DX, and human position measurement.



PMF (Product Market Fit)

Product market fit means that the creator provides a product (product or service) that satisfies the customer's problem and it is accepted by the appropriate market.

Overseas startups are generally well-grounded and technically sound.

On the other hand, the Japanese market has a reality that it is difficult to enter Japan due to language problems, high customer requirements, and the need for PMF.


In addition, some of the Japanese companies, also there are many number of blue-chip companies, such as those holding what% of the world market.

However, there are cases where it is difficult to deploy software and DX / AI in-house, so there is a problem that it is not possible to formulate and execute a strategy firmly.


One improvement method is "tie-up with overseas startups through open innovation" .


We can bridge the technical fields of your interest with overseas ventures.

In addition to our suggestions

Those who are looking for such a company in overseas startups,

・ If you are thinking about open innovation in collaboration with overseas companies but do not know how to look for it, please feel free to contact us.

Introduction of overseas startups



Company O (France)

Technology: Human flow simulation




Company K (USA)

Technology: People flow analysis



< UnderConstruction >

Company D (Israel)

Technology: undecided

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Intellectual Property Strategy





About R & D Offshore

Orange Tech Lab is linked to overseas R & D offshore center services.

Coordinating with R & D offshore is considered to be one solution for companies that are going to promote their own AI / DX conversion from the viewpoint of minimizing the start-up time and reducing the cost.

R & D Offshore Proposed by Orange Tech Lab:

1. Introducing R & D Offshore Center Service

2. Providing solutions that combine R & D offshore with our AI technology

3. Proposal of new cooperation and combination of R & D offshore according to your wishes

Examples of offshore centers that can be introduced:

Vietnam C company


1. Introduction: A company that has won numerous titles in the Asian region with more than 27 years of experience in ICT.

We have abundant human resources and can respond in Japanese.

2. Traditional Services: Application Development, Modernization, Testing, Business Process Services, UI / UX Analysis & Design

3. DX related: cloud service, AI, digital marketing, RPA

4. Industry: Manufacturing, FinTech, Media Entertainment, Logistics, Healthcare, Banking / Finance, Automotive, Transportation / Transportation

5. Skill set: backend, frontend, testing, middleware, mobile development, CMS / WEB

6. Examples of achievements: Salesforce large-scale system renewal (major carrier), image authentication (construction company), migration to cloud environment (major rental service company), mobile application (healthcare application), MES introduction for mid-sized companies (Vietnam Battery maker), development 3D data creation (engine component data modeling)



Ongoing case:

Currently, we are building a new collaboration and service style according to the wishes of the company.

1. Organize AI organization for image processing in Japan / Asia / Technology development is a global R & D that spans Japan / Europe / Asia

2. Established AI R & D organization in Asia for Japanese domestic equipment manufacturers

We will propose related R & D offshore according to your desired area.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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