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Business record list

AI consulting-implementation / design, RPA, IoT system design and proposal, activities in the field of education, etc.
We would like to introduce the achievements we have cultivated together with our partners and the cases that are currently underway to the extent that we can disclose them.

AI (especially deep learning)
Consulting, design implementation


Achievement 1: Process automation support by deep learning of chemical plants (closed)
Achievement 2: Design and implementation of various applications by image recognition (machine learning, deep learning) (partially released)
Achievement 3: IoT system architecture design and PoC construction (private)

Achievement 4: "Security camera image analysis" by Re-ID

Achievement 5: “Prototype rehabilitation support system by AI video analysis” (Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Corporation “8th Medical Device Industry Entry Promotion Subsidy Project Subsidy Target Project”)

Active: Support for introducing deep learning into transportation systems (closed)
Active: Hardware system for cooperation between in-vehicle IoT and AI (private)

IoT system consulting, design implementation


Achievement 1: Architecture design and proposal connecting IoT system and AI analysis (private)
Achievement 2: Design of integrated application system of Blockchain and AI (closed)
Achievement 3: Design of low-cost IoT system for Agtech and PoC (private)

Active: IoT system / AI analysis (video shooting-analysis) (private)




Achievement 1: BPR consulting of the core process of the affiliated company of the major education company B, improvement of business efficiency by BPR and business analysis (data science), RPA

Achievement 2: RPA conversion of the shipbuilding flow of the ship electric manufacturer

Achievement 3: Car insurance Achievement of RPA conversion of used car judgment process in Japan

Achievement 4: Operation process of cloud business of a certain office machine manufacturer In the cloud business, launch of global customer support center, formulation and establishment of operation process, launch of global remote sales operation process

Management / commercialization survey
Technology management consulting Intellectual property activity support


Achievement 1: Implementation, proposal, and follow-up of ideathons for mid-sized companies (closed)
Achievement 2: Support for building Japanese corporations and marketing support for several Silicon Valley venture companies (closed)
Achievement 3: Application for core patents that can be the core competence of client companies, joint application (private)
Active: Localization of hardware systems of global companies, market development (private)
Active: Intellectual property strategy for client companies, patent map creation support Active: Hardware system and AI packaging (private)
Active: Research on AI utilization in Agtech (sequential release)
Active: AI application to long-term care medical system (sequential release)


Education / Recruiting


Achievement 1 / Active: Introductory training on artificial intelligence (deep learning) for major companies

Achievement 2 / Active: Consulting for changing jobs of core human resources (jointly with Rana.a) (closed)
Achievement 3 / Activities: Advice for university-related activities:
3-1 Lecture for Economic Indicators Study Group

(Aoyama Gakuin University, Ochanomizu University, Waseda University, Keio University of Technology)
Achievement 4 / Active: Lecture on AI (Komazawa University, Musashino University, Cyber ​​University, etc.)
Achievement 5 / Active: Realization of an entrepreneur course for young people such as technical colleges

Achievement 6 / Active: Acting as a startup mentor

UX design


Achievement 1: UX / UI design of security camera system using our AI technology in joint development with V company

Achievement 2: Entrustment from overseas company D: User interviews with major card companies-Analysis, consideration, proposals for new businesses

Achievement 3 / Active: Cooperating in research and research commissioned by the Center for Growth Strategy Education and Research, Yokohama National University

Achievement 4: Cooperate with proposals from Yokohama National University in the project proposal system from Kanagawa University


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