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AI / IoT Systems' Orange Tech Lab has more than 40 elite people who transcend the boundaries of genres, including 10 Ph.Ds.
We would like to introduce the advisors who lead the engineers and researchers.


Jun Miyazaki

Founder / CEO

Artificial intelligence, especially design and consulting of artificial intelligence systems centered on deep learning
Keio University Graduate School Completed Doctoral Program Doctor of Engineering (Ph.D.)

Areas of expertise: Parallel artificial intelligence machines, technology marketing
Both former Xerox PARC and FX PAL are in charge of new business development and incubation connecting Silicon Valley and Japan, commercialization and technology marketing in Japan Asia Pacific, and have experience over many death valleys.

Business specialty: Technology marketing, digital marketing based on data science, sales automation centered on CRM, etc.

Technology development specialty: Artificial intelligence (deep learning), document system, Multimedia, CHI, database, service science, cloud system, etc.

Management skills: Divergence management, mentoring experience as an intern from China, Europe and the United States, and many years as a group manager for over 50 R & D departments across the Pacific Ocean.
Patents (including US patents), many treatises


Kazumi Yoshida

Supreme Advisor

Communication equipment design, construction and implementation. Difficult hardware case resolution

CEO of Culture Convergence Design Co., Ltd.
Engaged in designing special digital radio equipment for government offices at a major telecommunications company as a new graduate.

After becoming independent, he established CCD after gaining experience in designing pagers, PHS / mobile phones, wireless LANs, designing wireless transmission type video display devices for subway illuminated signboards, and conducting verification tests.


Kenji Nishida

Chief Technology Officer

Ph.D. (Engineering) University of Tsukuba

Computer vision, artificial intelligence technology (mainly related to data), computer architecture

Kenji Nishida received a B.E. in electrical engineering in 1981 from Keio University, and received a Ph. D. in Engineering in 2009 from University of Tsukuba. He worked for Electrotechnical laboratory (ETL) 20 years as a research scientist from 1981 to 2001 (1985-1989, he was sent to Institute for New-Generation Computing Technology (ICOT)). As an organization of National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), he was assigned to NeuroScience Research Institute as a senior research scientist from 2001 to 2018. Currently, he is a specially-appointed associate professor for Tokyo Institute of Technology from April 2018.

From April 2021 University of Tsukuba Human Researcher (part-time)


Venu Gopal


Aithent Inc. CEO

After graduating from Tokyo Institute of Technology
MBA from Columbia Business School
Worked at Aithent Inc. since 1992


Sunil Mirapuri

Silicon Valley Laboratory Manager

Silicon Valley Lab Manager

Develop business by connecting Japan, the United States, and India

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