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Supporting for Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual property strategy support

Intellectual property (= intellectual property: copyright, patent right, industrial right, trademark right) is a very important property for a company that provides products or services.
Obtaining patents to protect intellectual property and
considering how to connect
the obtained patents to business can be said to be an important strategy.
In addition, we are taking advantage of the knowledge of experience and data science of rich patent application, by creating and using intellectual property map,
we propose clearly the point at which the definitive in technical development as seen from the patent.

Support for intellectual property strategy of Orange Tech Lab


Patent application / strategy

Utilize patents in business

Has extensive patent application experience

・ Patent acquisition support
・ Develop a strategy to utilize patents in business


Seen from the patent

Advice on technology development

Leverage your knowledge of data science

・ Create and use IP maps

・ Advice on points in technological development from the perspective of patents

About intellectual property

A patent is there to protect the rights of the person who created it.

But at the same time, the technology is all open to the public.

In addition, even if it is a simple flow, there are some steps to obtain a patent, which unexpectedly requires time, money, and technique.

Procedure for obtaining a patent (example)

・ Give ideas

・ Survey to find unprecedented things

・ Transcription of contents

・ Request to a patent office


・ Wait during the investigation by the JPO (1 year)

・ Become a published patent

・Request for examination

・ Search at the Japan Patent Office (several months)

・ Reason for refusal


Intellectual property is important, but if you are too particular about it, it may slow down your movements.

Also, if you repeat the process of opening up the technology one after another by competing only for speed, you will end up with nothing left at hand.

It is also expected that it will become.

And if you don't connect the costly patents to your business , the meaning will be halved as well.

"If you apply for this patent, can you connect it to the business after that?" It is important to identify this application.

Identifying the application

At Orange Tech Lab, "Can we clarify the purpose of patent application and connect it to the business after that?"

We also provide advice for identifying patent applications.

Patents for connecting to business

In order to connect patents to business, we ask them to use them, sell them, and prevent the entry of competitors.

You may also need to set a purpose.


To get used
Patent to take


Patents to take to sell


Prevent the entry of competitors
Patents to take for

Intellectual property activity support / IP map

Then, for what purpose and what kind of technology should we aim for ?

IP maps can help you plan your strategy for what purpose and what technology you want to patent.
In the IP map, for example
, you can see that "what kind of patent has already been issued as a competitor and what kind of patent has not been taken as a right", so "let's issue a patent aiming at that part". You can make a strategy.
Here is an example of a simple IP map.

A simple example of an IP map

IP map example 1


-Actually, the amount of patent information is enormous and more complicated, but it is generally expressed in the form of such an IP map.

-Classify according to the technical field, etc., and consider the application target area based on the number of applications or registrations.

IP map example 2


-Specific example: Assuming that it was an automobile manufacturing industry, if the areas where many patents have already been issued are classified as "x", the areas where there are not so many patents are classified as "△", and the areas where few patents have been issued are classified as "○". , You can see the areas of consideration that can be efficiently acquired.

IP map example 3


・ You can find out your position by conducting a patent search on the target technical field and organizing it by company.

IP map example 4


-Furthermore, by plotting the patent information organized by company on the intellectual property map, you can see the areas of specialty of each company.

・ By conducting a multifaceted search in this way, it can be used as reference information for application strategies and application goals.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our intellectual property strategy.

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