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AI / Quantum information theory / Entrepreneur

In society

Spread of AI

In 2012, a team at the University of Toronto, Canada, led by Professor Hinton , won the Turing Award in 2019, seven years after submitting a deep learning treatise.
As the world moves in this way,
it can be seen that Japan has finally caught up.
In the AI corner of the bookstore,
there are many translated books on artificial intelligence, especially the basic theory and applications of deep learning, and it can be said that the understanding has deepened considerably.

Education program




Deep Learning

Classes to learn about the outline and business model of AI / IoT systems that utilize AI systems, especially deep learning



Specialized Area

Classes that focus on specific technical areas and learn deeply

(Introduction, theory, practice as needed)

Entrepreneur course




Mentoring at startup

Utilizing expertise, support startups through dialogue awareness and advice

In university education, we have lectures on the outline and business model of AI systems, especially AI / IoT systems that utilize deep learning, as well as classes, introductions, theories, and needs to focus on specific technical areas. We carry out classes such as practicing according to the situation.
In addition, we are conducting "AI / IOT cutting-edge situation training" for companies and "AI project planning training training" for educational companies.

D. and two Ph.D. candidates, and more than 40 professionals in various fields, including active engineers, data scientists, UX designers, career consultants, licensed psychologists, and clinical psychologists. More than 40 experts in various fields are participating in the program. (January 2022)

Please feel free to contact us for classes, lectures, corporate training, and talks.

Educational features of Orange Tech Lab

We propose a UX Design (= experience design) business model.
We will help you to go through the cycle of "prototyping" and "evaluating" based on HCD.
We will provide a method so that you can utilize various tool frames of UX and HCD by yourself.

Keywords in the field


We have picked up keywords for the fields we deal with in classes, lectures, corporate training, and lectures. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

​Technology and mathematical education

AI (especially deep learning / machine learning)


・ Introduction to AI

・ Advanced examples of AI

・ AI / IoT

・ History of computers

・ Computer architecture

・ Machine Learning

・ Deep Learning


・ Statistical pattern recognition

・ Computer vision

・Image processing

・ Moving image analysis

・ Data collection technology for AI


・Quantum Information Theory

・Basic Mathematics

・Statistics and Probability Theory

・Statistical Analysis

* We support lectures and lectures at universities, companies, and the general public.

* The course will be conducted in Japanese

* Some courses can be taught in English. Please contact us

​Training associated with technology management consulting

Keywords for technology management consulting courses


・ AI business planning

・ Introduction to patent strategy and intellectual property

・ Technology due diligence

・ Information architecture theory

・ Training of advanced innovators

・ DX strategy

・ International responsiveness


・ UX design

・ Design thinking

​・ UX research

​・ Instructional design


Keywords for entrepreneurship, new business planning, and business-related courses


・ Entrepreneur

・ Startup

・ Pitch exercise

・ Business model design

Keywords for courses on human skills and career education


・ Special Lecture on Human Skills

·Project Management

・ Career education

・ Researcher corporate ethics

・ Ability to listen to energize the workplace

・ Improvement of basic skills for working adults

・ Active learning, etc.

* We support lectures and lectures at universities, companies, and the general public.

* The course will be conducted in Japanese

* Some courses can be taught in English. Please contact us

Educational achievements


We think that the most important thing in education is how to study new things more and more , like the mechanism. It is important not only to do one thing in education, but also how to learn new things one after another.

Also, especially telling students how to challenge and study in new areas when there are no indicators , and that it is very important as an engineer and a researcher, and to give lessons. I try to keep this in mind.

University Education Achievements (2006-2021)


Komazawa University

Annual class at Global Media Studies (continued for 10 years)
Sponsored by GMS Laboratory


Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology

In charge of 2 years, class implementation Class content:
"Introduction to AI"
"Introduction to Business Architecture"
"Medical business review"


Musashino University

Part-time instructor inauguration Class content:
"Introductory Course for Entrepreneurs in English"
* Scheduled to cooperate with the newly established Faculty of Data Science


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Course content:
"Technology Management Reform Practice Theory"
IoT / AI, Quantum AI Computing and Technology Management Innovation

Training / Course Results for Companies and Education Companies (2016-2021)


Hitachi Academy Co.,Ltd.

For the entire Hitachi Group Contents:
"AI / IOT cutting-edge situation training"
(Third year)


IoT system technology certification test

At the Mobile Computing Promotion Consortium MCPC
Contents: "AI project planning training training"


Singularity University, network society

Japan ambassador
Blockchain, ICO


Business Breakthrough University

Online AI education implementation content:
"AI project planning training training"


Skill Up AI

"AI project planning training training"

Mentor (2019-2021)



Research result development business New industry creation program from university
Adopted project SCORE




・ Business model design (1) (2)

・ Introduction to Entrepreneur (1) ( 2)

・ Pitch exercises for entrepreneurship (1) ( 2)

・ Introduction to intellectual property for entrepreneurship

・ Design Thinking and UX Introduction / Exercise

Mentor (2019-2021)


JST Japan Science and Technology Agency

Research result development business New industry creation program from university
Adopted project SCORE



I am a mentor for commercialization in JST's "Research Achievement Development Project, University-Initiated New Industry Creation Program," which aims to return the research results of universities to society and start up ventures from universities.

About the situation and education surrounding AI in the world


What is happening in the world now?
It is an exaggeration to say that a situation similar to the industrial revolution caused by the invention and improvement of steam engines and other technological innovations in Britain that began in the latter half of the 18th century is occurring on a wider scale, centered on deep learning. Not. The current world AI situation is moving at a tremendous speed, and the United States and China are competing for first and second place in the number and quality of papers.

When cutting-edge technology has entered the field of application, Japanese technology has finally come to life. Re-entry face authentication, which is actually used at airports such as Narita and Haneda, is only properly industrialized in Japan. In addition, some bakeries in the city are equipped with a device that automatically recognizes bread and calculates the total amount. I'm using some deep learning technology, but I'm making both hardware and software. The reason for making hardware is to know the limit of artificial intelligence and adjust it to the limit, for example, to make the intensity of light rays constant and the distance constant, so that less data can be learned. In other words, it is like making an application after understanding the technology well, making it as an application, and so on. When it comes to applications like this, it seems that Japan has improved rapidly.

However, there are still challenges at the cutting edge.
Is it okay to just chase after the large number of treatises that are registered every day? Rather, it seems like a situation where we have to go back to the basics of mathematics and deep learning.

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