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YOXO Business Idea Creation Workshop

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Our UX team will serve as a lecturer for the YOXO Yokohama Mirai Organization "Business Idea Creation Workshop" related course.

Our UX team will hold a workshop at the "YOXO Business Idea Creation Workshop" held jointly by Yokohama City and Yokohama Future Organization as part of the efforts of the Yokohama National University Growth Strategy Education and Research Center.

At our company, we use design thinking and UX research methods to develop and consult services and new businesses, and to train entrepreneurs.

While making use of these methods, you will learn how to come up with ideas, how to collect information, and how to search for ideas within yourself.


Applications and inquiries can be made from this link.

【 Teacher 】

Orange Tech Lab Co., Ltd.

CEO Ph.D Jun Miyazaki

UX Team Toshiya Yamada/Mari Miyazaki/Takako Ohnuki

【 Course name 】

Start with introspection and dialogue

Internal Idea Discovery Workshop

【 Course content 】

The ideas that move the world have their origins in you. In order to create new things, it is necessary to devise a little ingenuity, such as changing your own perspective and framework, or trying to give shape to others.

In this workshop, you will discover and expand your own ideas through reflection and dialogue techniques.

We will also touch on verbalization, storytelling, and UX research methods (persona, journey map, etc.).

【 Course schedule 】

DAY1:November 19, 2022 (Sat) 13:30-15:00

DAY2:December 03, 2022 (Sat) 13:30-16:30

* After the DAY1 course, there will be time for networking (free participation). Please join us.

If you are from Yokohama and want to "start a business" or "start a new business within a company" and want to find a business idea for that purpose, we are looking forward to your participation.

Participating in the course

【 Advance preparation 】

・Think about what you are currently interested in.

・This workshop will be the base for thinking about ideas.

・Preparation such as materials is unnecessary.

・Lectures will be held in Japanese.

【 About the course flow 】

・In the individual work on the first day, you will use worksheets to dig deeper into your interests.

・Expand your own interests and concerns while introducing your teammates to what you like and what kind of fun you have, and while receiving feedback.

・As a summary of the first day, choose what you want to think about most right now, or what you are particularly interested in as a "theme".

1st day homework

・We will collect information about the "theme" you chose this time.

・Based on the "theme" written on the first day, we will find seeds of ideas from the theme.

・Through this workshop, I will bring back ideas derived from myself.

・I would appreciate it if you could have confidence in your own imagination.

*For details of the course, please refer to here.

*This event will be held online via Zoom. Please click here for application.

*Related site: Yokohama City "YOXO Business Idea Creation Workshop Recruiting Participants"

*Related site: Yokohama City press release PDF


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