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I will tell you the attractions of VR

I will tell you the attractions of VR

Hello. My name is Yuki Takagi. I began to work on an internship at "Orange Tech Lab" last month. Before telling the attractions of VR, I would like to tell you why I, having the background in humanities began to work on an internship at IT company "Orange Tech Lab".

I started my university school life from this April. My school life was enjoyable, but after one month from the entrance I was not able to find a goal and I was in despair.

I didn't know what I wanted to do. It was the problem that I faced.

I had a future vision before entering the university, but as I started to study at the university, it was different from what I had expected and I was not so attracted. Moreover, I was not able to find another attractive vision.

The only thing I wanted to do at that time was going abroad. Therefore, I decided to go to the United States during the summer vacation. I wanted to get the experience of finding out how the real world works rather than learning at the university. That is the reason why I decided to do my internship abroad. I hadn't decided which city in the United States I wanted to go, but thanks to the company which accepted my internship, I decided my way to Silicon Valley.

During the stay in America, I worked for the internship company on weekdays and I involved in meetups as much as possible to get more opportunities to meet and talk with a lot of people on weekend. Among those, I met the person who is CMO at VR company. I was really attracted by what he talked, because the future of VR was completely a new world and it was beyond my expectations. He introduced the founder of "Orange Tech Lab" to me and decided to do my internship here.

I started learning about VR before starting the job.

I got the knowledge about VR through reading the book for beginners “you can find out in 60 minutes! Front lines of VR Business”. This book has a lot of color illustrations and it’s easy for even beginners to understand VR.

Today I would like to convey the attractions of VR that I found from this book.

First, what kind of images do you have when you hear the word, “VR”?

My image was as follows. Put a big machine covering the whole eyes, and you can watch the video which are different from the real world as you experience.

In fact, my image is correct. However, the latest VR is way ahead of my image.

More than just experiencing the virtual world, you can reflect the motion of users on the content of VR by the user’s movement. It makes possible to communicate interactively.

The basic function of tracking users is to capture the movement of users based on the movie taken by the camera. For example, when a user raise his/her right hand with a controller, the figures in VR also raise his/her right hand through the image of camera.

VR with not only one-way communication but also two-way communication has been released for sales, and I was attracted by this product.

Today due to the development of SNS, even ordinary people can transmit the information and two-way communication seems to be required. VR which get the information about the motion of users are attractive products in that they fit the way of modern communication.

It may be difficult to purchase VR because of its high price, but I recommend you to have an opportunity to try VR. Thank you.


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