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Daily Hacks Series;Seeds of Business

Our CDO is doing a lot of experiments every day.

Today I'd like to share with you one of them that was interesting and got us all excited.

After a meeting to discuss a client's project, we decided to have lunch at D-Needs. We decided to eat at D-Needs because they had a large desk and we had a lot of discussion to continue.

While we were eating, the CDO brought out his usual hack and suddenly started trying to recognize the fried oysters for lunch on his phone. It misidentified it as ice cream. 

Oh, what's that? And then I said, "Do it, do it! And then...

He told me that he ran the usual learning device on his iphone. But since it's on a cell phone, it can only recognize a limited number of things...

What? What kind of things can be recognized then? So, I asked myself.

So we decided to try to recognize various things.

We decided to try to recognize all kinds of things from D-Needs.

Here are some of the pictures. The recognizer is working on the phone. The recognition speed was very fast.

What do you think? Do you guys think it's possible to create a new business? Smile.

If it can do this well, then it can do this, that, and the other...

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