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All Japan Hospital Society, Demonstration in Ishikawa

The product has 3D modeling of the human body and also allows VR experience with Oculas Lift.

One Reality and OrangeTechLab have a partnership and are aiming to develop this product in the Japanese market.

2) Deep learning demo

We conducted two demonstrations using deep learning.

a) An attempt to quantify paralysis

One is to quantify the degree of paralysis for patients undergoing rehabilitation, such as paraplegics, as well as for the caregivers and nursing therapists who support them, and to provide feedback to the patients for their support.

b) Basics of pathological analysis

In this demo, we showed a demonstration of classifying blood components by deep learning and discriminating them on video.

In this demonstration, we received valuable feedback especially from nursing and physical therapists.

We will try to commercialize this service in the future.

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