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A special experiment in a year

My one-year-internship started in Feb.2019 as a cooperation between Ohwada Lab of Tokyo University of Science where I were studying about machine learning for a master degree and Orange Tech Lab. I’m glad to have this opportunity of internship and I really appreciate Dr.Miyazaki,CEO of Orange Tech Lab and Professor Ohwada who provided me with this chance.I also want to express my gratitude to Mr.Tashiro,Senior Engineer of Orange Tech Lab who managed the research in details and Mr.Kumagai and Mr.Ohwada who shared their ideas with me during the internship.

My research theme in college is detection and identification of cattle for livestock monitoring,while project at Orange Tech Lab is about re-identification of human.And my task during this internship is to improve the speed of human detecting based on deep learning models .When I started my internship,I'm totally a beginner of deep learning and object detection,so at the very first I chose to implement different models of object detection and measure their performance,then focused on how to lighten them.I tried some polular models like Mask-RCNN,YOLOV3, SSD-VGG16 ,SSD-MobileNet,EfficientDet ,trained them in different data sets including VOC2012.VOC2017,coco,Caltech pedestrian data set , and measured their speed by testing on videos captured at the lab.

Orange Tech Lab not only gave me this internship opportunity but also provided me with a complete research environment including a cloud computing server where I can access NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphic card through Internet,tech meeting regularly held that we can share our ideas and progression,an online group I can get information of advanced researches of the world and etc.As I wrote above,I was a beginner of deep learning at the first,and barely had ideas about how to solve those problems,I got valuable instructions from engineers working for Orange Tech Lab specifically Mr.Tashiro and learning a lot from their guidance.

For me personally,as a student study aboard,it is not easy to have a chance like this to experience work in a foreign company.I have learned a lot during this year more than technical knowledge.Particularly,I think I have a deeper understanding of how to work with foreigners now.By the way ,due to communication with members of the project ,my Japanese gets better too which is a big benefit .In the future,I will continue my study of deep learning as an engineer in Japan,and work for a Japanese company ,I believe the internship at Orange Tech Lab can be a precious experiment giving me much more confidence for my future life in Japan.



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