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Intern Blog by Mr. Ken Honda / インターンブログ(本多 賢さん)


My name is Ken Honda and I was an intern at OrangeTechLab (OTL) for a little less than two years from June 2018. In this blog, I would like to look back on my encounter with OTL and its activities!

The reason why I emphasized "as an intern" is because I was actually involved with OTL before I started my internship at the company.

In 2016, a project for research and practice was launched at Komazawa University, where I was enrolled. Professor Yoshida of my laboratory was involved in the launch of this project, and he asked me if I would like to participate in the project, which was our first encounter. At that time, I met the current president of OTL, Mr. Miyazaki, and other members of the project, and I was able to participate in the regular meetings of the project. At that time, OTL had not been established yet, so I was able to see how the company was being built from close up, and it was a great experience.

When I first joined the project, I was still a graduate student in the master's course, and I remember that every regular meeting of the project was exciting and I was always nervous. Since I had switched to information science when I entered the graduate school from the undergraduate course, I was still lacking in knowledge and experience, and it was all I could do to keep up with the discussions. I was able to learn a lot from the professionals who gathered there, and I think I was able to set a standard for myself now in terms of knowledge, skills, and experience.

When OrangeTechLab was established in 2017, I entered the doctoral program and joined OTL as an intern. I was involved in a variety of activities, mainly surveying and reverse engineering. Although I was only involved in a little bit of development, I became interested in machine learning and deep learning because I saw products and projects that were actually built with deep learning while working at OTL. My research aims to solve the problem of "false rumors and fake news", which is a theme in social psychology, by using information technology such as databases (I call it credibility evaluation technology). In the paper, I mention AI and machine learning, and I use natural language processing as a technology. These are ideas and techniques that I have adopted based on what I have noticed and learned through my activities at OTL.

This figure shows the main technical elements involved in the current credibility evaluation technology. As I mentioned a little more in the paper, a lot of this research was done through OTL activities. I was very grateful and warmly welcomed by the OTL staff, who cared not only about my work but also about my graduate school life, and encouraged me to do work that would be useful for my research.

One of the most memorable activities in OTL was the experience of digging into a technology as a survey, summarizing it, and presenting it in front of clients. Again, everything was new to me. No mistakes! I was fixing the materials until the very last minute. It was an exciting experience that was completely different from my research.

I was able to learn not only about research and technology, but also about how to proceed with a project, and what is necessary as a member of society. I was able to complete the doctoral course in three years and obtain a doctorate because of the activities at OTL. This is not really an exaggeration, but it is true that the activities I did in OTL, such as survey research, are cited in my doctoral thesis!

I will continue to work in the same field with what I have learned through OrangeTechLab, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with OrangeTechLab members again.

Thank you very much!

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OrangeTechLab (以下OTL) でインターンをしていた本多 賢です!2018年の6月から2年弱ほど「インターンとして」お世話になりました.そこでこのブログでは OTL との出会いや活動について振り返っていきたいと思います!


2016年,私が在籍していた駒澤大学に研究と実践のためのプロジェクトが立ち上がりました.このプロジェクトの立ち上げに,私が在籍する研究室の吉田教授が関わっていたということもありプロジェクトに参加しないかとお声がけいただいたのが最初の縁でした.この時に出会ったのが現在のOTL宮崎社長やメンバーの方々で,プロジェクトの定例ミーティングに参加させてもらっていました.当時はまだ OTL も設立されていなかったので会社が作られていく様子も間近で見ることができて,とてもいい経験でした.


2017年に OrangeTechLab が設立されると同時に博士課程に進学し,OTLにはインターンとして参加することになりました.サーベイやリバースエンジニアリングなどを中心に様々な活動に携わりました.開発という開発にはほんのちょっぴりしか携わってはいないのですが,機械学習や深層学習に興味を持ったのもOTLで活動する中で実際に深層学習で作られたプロダクトやプロジェクトを自分の目で見た,というのが大きかったです. 私の研究は社会心理学のテーマである「流言・フェイクニュース」をデータベースなどの情報技術で解決することを目指すものです (信憑性評価技術と呼んでいます).論文内では AI や機械学習にも触れていますし,技術としては自然言語処理などを使っています.これらは OTL で活動してきたことがきっかけで気づいたことや知ったことを元に取り入れた考えや技術です.

この図は現在の信憑性評価技術に関係する主な技術要素を示したものです.論文の中ではもう少し触れていますが,この調査に関しては OTL の活動から得たものがとても多く含まれています.業務だけではなく,大学院生活のことも気にかけていただき,せっかくだから自分の研究に役立つ業務をしてほしい,と寄り添っていただいたのがとてもありがたく,温かかったです.

OTL での活動で印象に残っているものはサーベイとして1つの技術を掘り下げ,まとめ,クライアントの前で発表する,という経験です.ここでも全てが初めて尽くしでした.ミスれない!と直前まで資料を直したりしていました.研究とは全く違う経験で刺激的でした.

研究や技術の事だけでなく,プロジェクトの進め方や,そもそもの社会人として必要な事など 今の自分にとって当たり前であるスキルや経験を OrangeTechLab との関わりから学ぶことができました.無事に博士課程を3年で修了し博士号を取得することができたのも OTL での活動があったからこそだと思っています.これは本当に大袈裟などではなく,実際に OTL で行った活動,例えばサーベイで調べたことなどは博士論文の中で引用されているので本当にその通りなのです!

OrangeTechLab での活動を通して学んだことを活かし今後も同じ分野で活動していくことになります,社会に出てレベルアップし,またOrangeTechLab のみなさんとお仕事ができる機会を楽しみにしています.



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