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I'm starting to do new business development mentoring and university entrepreneurship classes./新規事業開

I haven't updated my blog recently. There have been a few status updates, so I'm going to blog about it. We are basically consulting and designing and implementing AI systems based on deep learning technology, and when we do AI consulting, we naturally lead to helping our clients create new business. In addition, we have recently been asked to mentor a number of star-up events.

2019 Mentoring for SCORE hosted by JST (in 2019, I was mentoring 17 of Japan's top research institutes on new business creation)

2020 I have started working as a mentor for the Osaka StartUp Bootcamp this year and have been asked to mentor for Italian innovation day I also teach an introduction to entrepreneurship.

I also teach Introduction to Entrepreneurship in an English class mainly for international students from Musashino University. This is my third year teaching this class.

Findings: Many of the startups at each event are quite good at their craft. The so-called MVPs (Minimal Viable Products) are done. However, it seems that they haven't been able to approach the Early Adopters (EAs) who are potential customers for these products.

If you can't narrow down your EA, it's hard to know if your product is really an MVP. Therefore, it is necessary to have a repeated cycle of PMF (Product Market Fit) where the needs of EA and the benefits provided by MVP are matched. This is called "pivotting".

Team structure is also an important factor for success. It is necessary to have a team of CFO and CMO (Marketing Officer) organically combined around a leader who can lead the team to success. I think it is difficult to achieve this unless the key person in charge of technology (CTO) has a broad perspective and a deep understanding of the area in question.

In addition to the question of what to do, the important point is who to work with.

We support the launch of your new business development.

Jun Miyazaki







2019年 JST主催のSCOREのメンター (2019年は国内トップ研究機関17の新規事業創出のメンタリングでした)

2020年 今年は、Osaka StartUp Bootcampのメンター、Italian innovation dayのメンターを依頼されて勤め始めています。




所謂MVP(Minimal Viable Products)はできています。ところが、それを具体的に展開する顧客候補EA

(Early Adopters)に関しては、なかなかアプローチできていないようです。


そのためには、MVPが提供する効用とEAのニーズを擦り合わせるPMF(Product Market Fit)という繰り替えしのサイクルが必用になります。





やり抜くリーダを中心に、CFO、CMO(Marketing Officer)が有機的に組み合わされた組織が必用です。




宮﨑 淳


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