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My future vision acquired by US study trip for three weeks/ 3週間のアメリカ訪問で獲得した私の将来像

6 months have passed since I started internship at Orange Tech Lab. When I began internship, I thought VR was something interesting and just scratched the surface reading a primer book little bit. However, now I’m very interested in the latest technologies such as AI, block-chain and cryptocurrency. I believe these will make changes in our society dramatically. In the future, I would like to get involved in applying the latest technology to the society as a lawyer. The biggest reason why I could find my future vision was a US study trip for three weeks. I would like to introduce about this trip.

First, I would like to talk about the overview of the study trip. I have visited many areas in the US from February 23rd to March 14th. I moved to Princeton in the east coast, then Philadelphia. After this, I moved to the west coast and visited San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Then finally, I went to Hawaii. I visited Princeton University, Stanford University and Swarthmore College which is a famous liberal art college. I had a discussion with students there. I have also visited a company and the government and had an opportunity to speak with people there. I learned two things through this study trip.

First, the importance of viewing things in a long-term perspectives. Until now I had a lot of chances to try things which I could see the goals clearly such as an entrance examination of university, a study trip and managing a conference. Although the time span of the goals for me were about one year at the longest, which means my perspectives is also from six months to one year. However, the administrators in big companies and the government such as Salesforce and Hawaii, view things in a long-term perspective. For example, in Hawaii, when a competitive rate of world-wide sugar production decreased, they decided to use a land as a cultivated land to improve self-sufficiency in food production for the future rather than constructing a resort apartment which would make more profits in a short-term. Salesforce is also trying to focus on the environmental problem such as promoting eco-friendly activity to think ahead for the next generation. I learned the importance of thinking things in a long-term after hearing these stories.

Second, I realized the difficulty of applying the latest technologies to the society. When I visited AI Lab at Stanford University, I heard about automatic drive. Although technics of automatic drive has developed a lot, it wasn’t revealed very much because of its undeveloped legal systems and ethical problems. Therefore, there are a lot of the latest technologies currently in the world, but we cannot apply and use it in the society. Through this study trip, I found these problems, and in the future I would like to get involved in developing the legal systems of the latest technologies such as AI, block-chain as a lawyer.





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