My one-year-internship started in Feb.2019 as a cooperation between Ohwada Lab of Tokyo University of Science where I were studying about machine learning for a master degree and Orange Tech Lab. I’m glad to have this opportunity of internship and I really appreciate D...

We welcomed Mr. Hafiz Muhammad Umair Munir from Tokai University as 2020 winter intern of JAICA. 

Please find his report as below.


JAICAの2020 winter internとして 東海大学

生 Hafiz Muhammad Umair Munirさん


October 10, 2018

Our CEO, Jun Miyzazaki Ph.D. has been invited as a presenter for ITU MEETINGS on Oct 5th 2018Title:Resilient Healthcare by IT supportIt is very important to be ready for unexpected incidents of pandemic or paramedic situations in developing countries, because these sit...

September 4, 2018

Our CEO, Jun Miyzazaki Ph.D. has been invited as a presenter for Robotics[WCR-2018] from Aug 30th to Sep 1st 2018.

The conference was held together with the 17th, with the implementation of the national strategy of revitalizing northeast old industrial base, China’s Nor...

    6 months have passed since I started internship at Orange Tech Lab. When I began internship, I thought VR was something interesting and just scratched the surface reading a primer book little bit. However, now I’m very interested in the latest technologies such as...

February 8, 2018

We have opened Komazawa Laboratory.

Office equipment has arrived and we have now started!

The research areas are as follows.

1. Artificial Intelligence (Deep learning)

2. Next generation RPA & Ethnography in Business environment

3. Next generation hardware RISC-V


December 27, 2017

Our office will be closed for New Year’s holiday from December 29th until January 3rd.

Thanks to your support, the company has begun to be formed.

Next year we will strive for a fruitful year.

Happy New Year

December 27, 2017







VRの魅力をお伝えする前に、文系の私がAI、Deep Leaningを中心とするIT企業のオレンジテクラボでインターンをするに至った経緯を簡単にお伝えしたいと思います。




October 16, 2017

11月20日から大阪での第37回 医療情報学会に、弊社 OrangeTechLabからVRとDeep Learningのデモ展示を行います。



OrangeTechLab will demonstrate VR and Deep Learning at the 37th Japan Association for Medical Informatics in Osaka.

We will be looking forward to seeing you...