C​ontents of the bussiness・Achievements

・AI Consulting (mainly about deep learning)


 Achievement 1:Assist for Automatizing the process through deep learning of Chemical plant. (Disclosed)
 Achievement 2: Install various applications by Picture recognition(machine learning and deep learning).

  Achievement 3:IoT system architecture and construct PoC (Proof of Concept)(Disclosed)


 Ongoing work:  Automatic video monitoring for parking spaces at hotels etc. (Disclosed)
 Ongoing work:Assistance for the first division of solicitation documents. (Disclosed)
 Ongoing work: Assistance for the introduction by deep learning to the traffic system. (Disclosed)
 Ongoing work:AI application for care medical system.(Open sequentially)
 Planning:  IoT adaption for car and hardware system for linking the AI.(Disclosed)

  Ongoing work: Quantum Artificial Intelligence computing



・IT system consulting


  Achievement 1: Architecture design and proposal to connect IoT system and AI analysis (Disclosed)

 Achievement 2: Design Architecture integrated application system for AI and Blockchain.  (Disclosed)

 Achievement 3: Design low cost IoT system for Agtech and PoC (Disclosed)



・Introducing talents・Raising talents


 Achievement 1:Introduction training of Artificial intelligence (deep learning) for major companies.

 Achievement 2:Job-changing consultation for core talent.(Cooperating with Rana.a).(Disclosed)
 Achievement 3:Advice on University related coherence

          3-1 Lecture to the society for economic indicators(Aoyama Gakuin University・

         Ochanomizu University・Waseda University・Keio Gijyuku University related)

 Ongoing work:Put entrepreneur course into practice for young generations such as technical college.

 (Updating the work activity on the blog)



・Management・commercialization investment, management consulting, Back up for intellectual property activities 

 Achievement 1:Follow up, implementation and proposal of ideathon for small to medium sized

 Achievement 2:Marketing support and support Japanese corporate rights for venture companies of            Silicon valley. (Disclosed)
  Ongoing work: Market development and localize the hardware system for global companies.

 Achievement 3:Cooperative demand and core patent demand that could become a core

           competence for the client companies. (Disclosed)

 Ongoing work:Support patent map creating and intellectual property strategy for client companies.
 Ongoing work: AI and Hardware system combined. (Disclosed)
 Ongoing work:Inquiry research of effective use of AI to Agtech.(Open to public sequentially)
  Ongoing work:AI application for medical care system. (Open to public sequentially)




・Equipment Software system Under a plan
・Sales for hardware system Under a plan

・Virtual Reality, especially New 3D UI

・Plan, design and implementation of Blockchain system

・New technology strategy, BPO (business process outsource) and open innovation for client companies R&D division



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